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In any outdoor activity it is essential you have the right gear.  The first place to start when getting ready to attack the tundra is your core. Your "base layer" is the heart and soul of your outdoor preparation.  From staying warm and dry, to finding breathable, sweat wicking technology that helps to regulate your body temperature. There always seems to be a thin line between being too warm or too cold.  Your base layer can make or brake your time on the hill and here at Campus we want to make sure you have exactly what you need.  

For another year we've brought in Terramar base layer clothing.  Terramar specifically engineers their clothing to enhance your outdoor experience. With their numerous brand technologies they are able to create the perfect base for any activity. 

We've brought in a thermoregulating base layer, top and bottoms, for the goodness of your core, to help you get out there and explore. Available in both men's and women's, these base layers offer a litany of technical options. 

This garments benefits include:

*Thermoregulation- technology that gives you comfort in any condition. simply put it reacts to your body, if you are cold it provides warmth, if you are warm it provides a cool effect.

*Sun protection (50+ UPF)

*Odor control

*Moisture wicking

*Heavy weight and brushed soft for warmth 

I can speak from experience that these base layers are an essential peace to my winter attire. The top layer is something I myself wear almost daily during the winter to help keep me warm with lighter layers on top. Its comfortable, form fitting and I'm completely confident in its technical performance. 

-Jay McFadden (Campus employee)

Stop into shop ASAP and get the base layer you need this winter brought to you by Terramar and the boys at Campus Wheelworks!

The Best Jacket You'll Ever Own PDF Print E-mail

Looking for a sick do-it-all jacket for this winter? We've got Thermoball Full Zip from The North Face here at Campus. These are highly versatile jackets that use PrimaLoft Thermoball technology to achieve warmth in cold, wet conditions. Thermoball is a synthetic insulation that retains loft and warmth, even when wet. Its super light weight and compressible like down while keeping its performance qualities in any weather condition. 

*PrimaLoft Thermoball- Synthetic microfiber thermal insulation material. 

We offer these jackets in both men's and women's. This jacket is streamlined to have great fit to your body, allowing you to perform while staying warm in all sorts of winter activities. You have multiple layer options with this jacket, from being a base to an outer layer. Great for hiking, snowshoeing, walking up and down Elmwood and more!!

At Campus we are offering the Black (above) and Mint Blue (below) options for you ladies! 

A fitted and flattering jacket, it'll be your go-to all winter long. 

Men's Jackets offered at our shop include Green and Black. (A Campus staple of color choice)

These jackets also come with *Bluesign's badge of approval which means this coat is designed for maximum resource productivity with respect to environmental health and safety!

*Bluesign- the bluesign system is the solution of productivity for sustainable textile production. It eliminates harmful substances right from the beginning of manufacturing process and sets and controls standards for an environmentally friendly and safe production. 

Get into the shop and try these environmentally conscious jackets. It's the type of quality, style and function we've come to expect from The North Face. Priced at $199.00, you'll get more than what you pay for here at Campus!